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Recycled Jars

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      Part of a rustic home and lifestyle is using items that are recycled. One of my favorite things to do is to save the jars that I have bought and I then fill them with a variety of homemade items of my own. These jars come from many sources from spices, jam, dressing, sauces, mustard and pickles (I really like the odd shapes and sizes). The process is simple: After I am done with the product in the jars I have bought- I wash them, take off the label and then sterilize them for later use.  Here is a simple way to remove labels from jars and bottles…

  • In a large bowl or sink, put washed jars or bottles in without lids attached
  • Fill with hot water; be sure to completely submerge the bottles at least a 1/2 inch over them
  • Pour 1/4 cup dish soap into water and stir well
  • Let bottles soak overnight or for at least 8 hours
  • If you are lucky the label has fallen off in one piece, if not it’s time to start peeling
  • Working from one corner diagonal towards the center slowly peel the label off until label is completely off
  • When the label is off, use steel wool to scrub off any residual adhesive off the glass
  • After this, sterilize the jars and their covers in boiling water or dishwasher. Let completely dry by air or heat.

After I have prepared my jars, I store them with their proper lids on them in a box in the pantry. Recycled jars can be a fun and simple way in incorporate a rustic look in your home. Don’t forget they make great vessels for those handmade gifts too.


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