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Roasted Garlic Oil (vegan)

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Making your own flavored oils not only saves you money but you are guaranteed that the ingredients are fresh and of high quality. I have been making my own flavored oils for years now and currently have quite the collection going. A fun thing that I have done is I save all my old empty glass liquor bottles and use them to display my oils (see recycled jars to find out how). This not only gives my collection a rustic and eclectic feeling but I also do not have to label the bottles because each one have a unique shape to it. I go to the wine store and get my metal pour spouts that fit standard liquor bottles, try to find the ones that come with a spout cap.

This is my recipe for roasted garlic oil. It has a mild nutty taste, not too pungent and will give a nice finish to any dish. Try using it in your homemade vinaigrette or dip homemade whole grain sourdough bread in it. The uses are endless….

you will need:

1 recycled glass 1/5 liquor bottle, prepared

1 pour spout or cork that fits the bottle you are using

organic olive oil or coconut oil (measure up to 2 inches from the top IN the bottle you are going to use, then measure in a separate measuring cup)

1 fresh organic large whole garlic BULB PER 2 CUPS OF OIL YOU ARE MAKING, peeled and fine chopped

In a medium pot, put oil and garlic in, stir well. Simmer on lowest setting for 2 hours, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat and allow to set for 24 hours. Strain in a mesh strainer, reserve the oil and reserve the oil roasted garlic. In a clean pot, return the oil to it and on medium heat bring to a light bubble and continue to lightly bubble for 5 minutes. In a clean strainer lined with paper towel, strain the oil again. Bottle your oil and store out of direct sunlight or heat. Place your oil roasted garlic in a labeled small freezer container to use in other recipes.

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