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Roasted Pumpkin Seeds (vegan)

roasted pumpkin seeds


The best part of carving your Halloween jack-O-lantern is that you get an added bonus… the pumpkin seeds! Here is the base recipe to roast the perfect holiday pumpkin seeds. Some people like to spice them after they roast them, you can if you like. Remember a little goes along ways when adding extra spice to your roasted seeds.

Makes about 2 cups of finished seeds, depending on size of pumpkin

NOTE: this recipe is for every 2.5 (approx) cups amount of prepped raw pumpkin seeds(organic preferred), just multiply the recipe (except the water) accordingly, if needed. For every additional batch only add an additional 2 cups water to the recipe i.e. 5 cups of seeds to 10 cups water etc.

2.5 cups freshly removed from your jack-o-lantern, raw organic pumpkin seeds

2 tsp. sea salt

8 cups of water

1 TBSP. organic olive oil or coconut oil

1/2 tsp. additional sea salt

Rinse the freshly removed pumpkin seed with hot water. Be sure to remove any pumpkin web or residual flesh from the seed cache. In a large bowl, put washed pumpkin seeds, 2 tsp. sea salt and water in and stir well. Allow to sit uncovered for 24hours, stir occasionally if you like but not necessary. Drain seeds in a large colander, allow to set for 30 minutes. In a large mixing bowl, mix seeds with oil and 1/2 tsp. of additional sea salt well. In a large deep dished saute pan, heat DRY (NO ADDITIONAL OIL OR SPRAY) on HIGH til hot. Add prepared seeds and roast by constantly shaking vigorously( this is constantly turning and mixing them ) until the loud sizzling and releasing of steam stops. NOTE : vigorously shake pan about 25 times, rest about 5 seconds and return to shaking pan. Once the loud sizzle and steam has stopped, continue to roast on high heat while constantly stirring with a slotted spoon until seeds start to turn light golden brown and are no longer shiny. At this point they might start to pop a little. Remove from heat and allow to fully cool before you enjoy them. Store in an airtight container or bag.

These are not only GREAT by themselves by the handful but make a great topping for steamed vegetables, salads and on CORNBREAD RICE STUFFING!

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