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Roasted Pumpkin (vegan)

roasted pumpkin


This is an easy NO-FUSS way to roast pumpkin to use in other recipes. Pumpkin’s versatility is endless, I use it in place of potatoes for PUMPKIN HASH AND EGGS.
Makes about 8 cups of small diced roasted pumpkin meat

1 small 5 to 6 pound organic baking pumpkins, wash well and scrub any dirt off (pick your pumpkins that are firm, bright colored, nice solid stem and stand upright-not leaning to the side)

1/2 cup water

Take  your pumpkin and split down the middle, remove the seeds and reserve to make roasted pumpkin seeds. Cut into 10 to 12 slices kinda like a cantaloupe. In a large crock pot, arrange pumpkin slices so the fit into the pot with the cover tightly on in. Add 1/2 cup water to the bottom and roast on HIGH heat for about 2.5hours or until the flesh is soft and the skin is wrinkled. When your pumpkin slices are finished cooking, remove them into a large bowl and cover, allow to rest for 20 minutes.

Process your roasted pumpkin according to the recipe you are using. This freezes well if fully cooled and in sealing freezer containers or bags. I recommend only freezing in 2 cup portions so that you may use only what you need for future recipes.

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