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      A rustic lifestyle is a very simple concept and can be easily adopted into anyone’s schedule. My definition of a RUSTIC LIFESTYLE is embracing all that is natural and simple. I am not talking about going back to the Stone Age, I am talking about going back to a life that was much more simpler. Not worrying what is added to your food, where stuff comes from, stress-free as possible, being outdoors, listening to music, and enjoying the world around you. I have noticed (I was once like it too) that so many people are caught up in what OTHERS are doing, how they look to others, what car they drive, how big is the house and the list goes on. Notice that list didn’t consist of how they are and live?

     Having a rustic and simple lifestyle is about being healthy(mentally and physically) and enjoying your life. Here are a few questions to see if you have it:

How many of you have a “BUCKET LIST” you are currently working on? Raise your hand if you have a “HEALTHY” goal you are currently working on to complete 1 year from today? Do you read for pleasure? When was the last time you took a drive to nowhere because it was a nice afternoon or evening? Do you take an afternoon off just because you can? Can you make homemade jam? Can you pronounce every ingredient in the snack you are eating as you read this?  Hhummm….. interesting, isn’t it? I think you get my point.

    So I challenge you to go make a “BUCKET LIST”, set that healthy goal for next year (and work on it), grab a book and read tonight for 30 minutes, tomorrow take a ride with a jar of homemade jam(strawberries, sugar, fruit pectin, water) because you have nowhere to go and it is a beautiful day. Go ahead and do one thing each week that changes your lifestyle to RUSTIC and SIMPLE.. Who knows maybe you will try something new?

I hope you find many ways on jarOhoney.com to incorporate rustic and simple things in your life. Besides, me launching this site was me simplifying my life by quitting my regular job and doing things that I love to do….

Best Wishes!


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