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Scrambling Eggs

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Scrambled Eggs can be a very versatile dish for anyone to make. One of the best thing about them is that you can eat them plain without toppings or fully loaded with just about everything but the kitchen sink. Scrambled Eggs are very easy to cook if you follow just a few notes when cooking them; cook with high heat, in small batches with oil not sprays, in a non-stick pan and mix with a rubber spatula.

I normally only use organic vegetable or canola oil for my eggs. It has a high smoke point (can withstand high heat before it starts to break down) and it does not add any flavor to the eggs. If I want extra flavor, I will then use ROASTED GARLIC OIL or JALAPENO OIL that I make to give a little kick to it. NOTE: I do not use commercial cooking sprays, they contain ingredients that I choose not to ingest (read the can’s ingredients). I have a oil pump sprayer, I got from a kitchen store, that I put oil in, give it a few pumps and spray my baking pans when a recipe calls for it….

Here are the steps to making perfect plain scrambled eggs:


6 fresh organic whole eggs

2 TBSP. organic olive oil

Start with your non-stick pan and heat DRY (no oil ) on high heat until hot. While pan is heating, beat your eggs until smooth in a separate bowl. Add your oil to the pan and gently swirl around pan to evenly coat and to quickly heat your oil. Quickly but gently pour in your beaten eggs and stir constantly with a rubber spatula, you will hear a loud sizzles. Immediately lift pan from the heat while stirring, until sizzling slows down and is not as loud. Be sure to scrape sides and bottom of pan to stir eggs evenly. The eggs will start to look opaque and loose their shininess. Once the eggs are about 90% opaque they are finished cooking. Plate and serve immediately. NOTE: the eggs will continue to cook as you are plating them, DO NOT OVERCOOK OR BROWN the eggs– this will result in the dreaded “RUBBER-LIKE SCRAMBLED EGGS” we have all had one time or another.

As you see, this is just for plain scrambled eggs. If you are adding an item(s) to the scrambled eggs, cook or heat item(s) first in your pan with oil, then turn heat to medium, add your beaten eggs and stir constantly while you are cooking them until they loose their shininess and are 90% opaque. Plate and serve immediately.

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