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Sesame Honey Almonds (raw paleo)

sesame honey almonds raw paleo


Well it is a NEW YEAR to start working on a NEW YOU! How many times have we heard this statement? How many times have we adopted that way of thinking? Well it is a new year and I think it is time for some new recipes. If you are starting or continuing to work on you, you came to a good place for healthy food! One of the worst things that people can do when trying to eat healthy is to be hungry… I tend to buzz around all day and if I don’t have healthy snacks within reach.. well, it can get ugly! We tend to make poor choices when we are hungry. We do not stay on track and we will probably eat just about anything when hunger strikes us, especially when we are busy! One of the best things you can do is have healthy snacks around to just grab and eat when the moment arises. I have a designated “SNACK BAG” I keep with me when I travel around. In it I have fresh fruit, nut mixes, energy bites and snacks like SESAME HONEY ALMONDS. These little guys satisfy my hunger instantly and give a quick boost of energy. These sesame honey almonds are a great combination with a fresh piece of fruit too. The almond give me a boost of healthy fats, high in vitamin content and are low in carbs. The sesame seeds are small but pack a punch of protein and good fats. The raw honey adds sweetness and a small amount of vitamins and minerals but a kick of energy from the fructose and glucose in it. Enough of the science… THEY TASTE GREAT TOO! Yep your taste buds will dance and your body will thank you for the snack! I like to make a double batch of these because they do not last very long, especially when they are enjoyed as a snack and sometimes as a dessert too. Its amazing how something so simple can be so tasty.  The recipe is really simple in ingredients and process.  Making them is a breeze, but you have to wait for them…. not my biggest virtue either.

A CHEF’S TIP: be sure to source out raw local honey and truly raw almonds and sesame seeds. My local health food store will order them for me, so check with yours.

Makes about 2 cups

2 cups whole truly raw organic almonds

2 cups un-hulled whole organic sesame seeds

1 1/2 cups raw local honey

4 cup pyrex measuring cup

small pot pyrex fits into

calibrated thermometer

In your small pot place the pyrex in and fill the pot half way with water, do not get water into the pyrex. Place on your stove on medium heat and bring the water to 110 degrees F, use a calibrated thermometer to be sure. Hold at this heat by adjusting your stove to low. Place your almonds in a large mixing bowl. Place the honey in the pyrex and while stirring often, heat until liquid. Add the warmed honey to the almonds and stir until all of the almonds are coated well. In a medium bowl place your sesame seeds in. Drop small amounts of the coated almond into the seeds and roll around until evenly completely coated. Remove the seeded almonds to the solid tray of your dehydrator. Continue to seed the almonds in small batches until completed. Dehydrate for 6 hours to set up. Remove from your dehydrator, allow to cool for 1 hour and place in a sealed container. ENJOY!!

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