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Shaved Watermelon Salad (raw-vegan)

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When I think of summer, I think of melon. Yes I have access to melons most of the year, but in the summer they are in season, hence full of flavor and vibrant. One melon everybody can agree on that is a summer favorite is the beloved watermelon. Watermelon is not only full of vitamins and has a high water content but is very versatile too. Watermelon can be put in smoothies, used as a base for salsa, blended into mock-cocktails, chilled and cut up plain and is a GREAT addition to salads. I also like to use it as my base for salads like in my recipe for SHAVED WATERMELON SALAD. This rustic and simple salad is not only very tasty and healthy but makes a beautiful addition to any meal or party. This salad consists of only 4 ingredients: vibrant watermelon, plump ripe blueberries, fresh basil and organic micro-greens… are you drooling yet? Don’t let the simplicity fool you, this salad is tastes fresh, sweet and savory with a slight earthy finish. I know you have many ways that you enjoy watermelon, why not change it up with a shaved watermelon salad next time on your menu.


4 cups shaved organic seedless watermelon (see instructions on how to prepare)

2 cups organic blueberries

6 large fresh organic basil leaves

1 cup fresh organic micro-greens

20 minutes before you make this recipe-gather 4 small serving plates, rinse them and shake off the excess water (do not dry) and place the in your refrigerator. Cut the rind off of your watermelon to expose the red meat. Cut the watermelon into large rectangle pieces about 2 inches thick by 4 inches long. Use a vegetable peeler and shave the thin side of the rectangle into a strainer, measure out 4 cups of shavings, return them to the stainer and allow to drain until you are ready to plate. Wash and de-stem the blueberries and set aside. Wash and spin dry the basil, cut off the stems, fine chiffonade [stack leaves on each other, roll tightly lengthwise and thin slice the roll width-wise to make thin ribbons.] and set aside. Wash and spin dry the micro-greens and set aside. Now it is time to plate your salads. Remove the plates from the refrigerator. ON EACH PLATE: Place 1 cup of the watermelon shavings in the middle in a pile. Top this pile with 1/2 cup blueberries. Top the whole pile with 1/4 of the chiffonaded basil. Pile 1/4 cup of the micro-green high on top as shown in the picture. Serve and enjoy! NOTE: this can be made up to two hours ahead of time. Prepare all of the ingredients (minus the plates) as in the instructions and store them in the refrigerator in separate sealed containers until you are ready to plate. Be sure to prep the serving plates at least 30 minutes before putting your salads together.

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