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Spinach Omelet for Two

spinach omelet for two


This is a great omelet for a brunch when served with fresh organic fruit, serve as lunch with a side organic greens salad or as the entree for your meat-less Monday.

Serves 2

6 fresh organic free range eggs

*3 Tbsp. organic sour cream (whole variety not low or non-fat) *OR any non-dairy substitute for sour cream you choose like here
just click this link PALEO SOUR CREAM RECIPE

1 Tbsp. water

1 cup fresh grated aged natural organic Parmesan cheese, divide out 2 TBSP. and leave remainder inside measuring cup

2 TBSP. organic olive oil, divide into 1 TBSP. and 1TBSP.

4 fresh organic cloves garlic fine chopped

1 fresh organic hot chili fine diced (from your window garden)

4 cups fresh organic baby spinach leaves rough chopped

4 fresh organic large basil leaves, rough chopped (from your window garden)

1 fresh organic avocado, small diced

1 fresh organic green onion, fine sliced

In a large bowl, beat the eggs, sour cream, water and 2 TBSP Parmesan cheese and set aside. In a large deep frying pan with a fitting lid, heat 1 TBSP oil on high heat and add garlic and chiles, reduce heat to low, cover and cook until soft, stirring often. Remove from heat and add spinach, mix well, cover until wilted. Remove from pan into a large bowl, mix in basil and then fold in the avocado, this is your filling.

In the same frying pan you cooked the filling in, heat on medium heat 1 TBSP of canola oil and coat pan well. Add your egg mixture and cover. Allow to cook for a couple of minutes and then with a small spatula, gently push the egg to the center away from the sides. Continue this all the way around the pan. Tilt the pan side to side slowly to fill in any gaps with liquid egg mixture. Continue to do this until there is no more liquid egg on top of the fluffy bed of egg. Cover and remove from the heat (note the omelet will still look wet) and allow to set up for about 5 minutes. With your spatula score the omelet down the center from one side to the other to make two equal halves (NOTE: think in terms of how you cut a pie into wedges). On one half put your filling evenly on it. Sprinkle with 2/3 of the remaining Parmesan cheese. Cover and allow to sit for 3 minutes. On the side that does not have any filling on it, score with your spatula in two equal halves. Now flip each piece over onto the side with the filling to cover (think of what a traditional half moon shaped omelet looks like), now score the bottom half of the completed omelet all the way through. Using your spatula gently remove one half of the complete omelet to your serving plate, repeat with the other half. Garnish with the remaining Parmesan cheese and green onion.

*NOTE: the recipe link for the PALEO SOUR CREAM is NOT my recipe, it is an alternative to regular organic dairy sour cream for those sensitive to dairy sour cream. Copyright on this recipe is reserved to the original writer at Paleo Cupboard and there are no claims by jarOhoney.com. It is listed for informational purposes only.

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