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Sprouted Adzuki Beans (raw-vegan)

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Most all beans can be sprouted so that they are edible and still adhere to the basic principles of raw foodism (by not cooking them above 116 degrees). Sprout Adzuki beans to use in your bean patties, salads or soups. Always choose organic dried Adzuki to ensure that your body receives all of the chemical-free vitamins and nutrients as possible. I find that when I purchase my dried beans from a health food store they are fresher because the stock is rotated more often than at your major chain grocery stores. Be sure to remember that dried beans will expand 3 to 4 times their original size and will ferment quickly if not rinsed and drained properly.

The process is simple:

Soak your beans in clean water for 24 hours, change the water after 12 hours. After soaking, rinse the  beans well and then drain all of the water possible from the beans. Place them into a large wide-mouthed clean recycled glass jar in a cool, semi-lit location like a windowsill, cover the jar with a piece of cheese cloth. Check the bean sprouts every 6 to 8 hours, rinsing, draining and returning them to a clean jar. Sprouted Adzuki beans are generally tender and ready to eat after about 3 days; however, you can leave them up to 6 full days for longer sprouts. Finish the sprouting process by giving the beans a final rinse and then placing them in a clean  covered jar in the refrigerator . Before eating them, rinse well. Eat your sprouted beans within about 2 weeks. You can also freeze your beans for a later use, just rinse, drain well and put in a sealed container for up to 6 months.


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