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Sprouted Adzuki Miso Soup (vegan)

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Miso paste is a staple in my kitchen. It is nutritious, vegan and makes a great soup base and seasoning. I have tried all varieties of miso, I think that SHIROMISO paste has the best flavor and most versatility; try them for yourself. Not all miso paste is created equal, be sure to look for GMO-FREE, NO MSG, ORGANIC varieties. Most Health food stores carry this variety.

This delicious soup is full of wholesome ingredients that will make your taste buds and your tummy sing praises. Some RAW FOODIST do not eat miso…I am not completely RAW, so I do– it is a personal preference. The majority of this recipe is RAW but since MISO is made with boiled soybeans, it is not RAW by basic principals of raw foodism… thus I am NOT listing this recipe in my archives as RAW FOOD RECIPE.


1 tsp. dried coriander seeds

1 large whole black smoked cardamon pod

1/4 tsp. dried chili pepper flakes

3 cups water

3 large fresh organic garlic cloves, fine pulse in food processor

1  tsp fresh grated organic ginger root

3 TBSP organic, no GMO, no MSG shiromiso paste

2 cups 6 day sprouted adzuki beans, room temperature

2 cups fresh organic baby spinach leaves, wash and spin dry

Grind your spices(I use an old coffee grinder I have) to a fine powder. In a medium saucepan, place your water, spices, garlic and ginger root, allow to rest 15 minutes. While on low heat add your miso paste and whisk until smooth. Add your sprouted beans. While using a small thermometer to monitor the temperature and while stirring constantly, gently heat to 110 degrees and hold 110 degrees for 15 minutes.  In each of your serving bowls, place 1/2 of baby spinach leaves in. Ladle soup over the spinach and allow to rest for 5 minutes. Serve Immediately.

TO USE THERMOMETER: be sure to not allow the thermometer to touch bottom of pan and that it is submerged in the middle of the liquid’s level to get an accurate reading.

NOTE: I have an electric stove so I use the simmer setting and turn off every couple of minutes, then back on to be sure that my soup does not go above 110 degrees….


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