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Strawberry Flame Freezer Jam (vegan)

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A traditional strawberry jam you can eat right out of the jar!

  •     1 Lbs. Organic Strawberries– de-stem, wash, fine mash with a potato masher- approx. 1.5 cups
  •     1/2 cup Organic Red Flame Seedless Grapes– wash and small dice
  •     4 cups Organic Granulated Sugar
  •     1 box (1.75oz) 100% Natural Fruit Pectin
  •     3/4 cup water
  •     5 sterilized small 8oz or so glass jars with fitting lids   (NOTE: I use small jars I have recycled–see my article RECYCLED JARS)


In a large bowl, mix the fruit and sugar well and let sit for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. In a small saucepan, bring the pectin and water to a boil while stirring constantly. Boil for 1 minute and then remove from the heat. Pour into fruit mix while stirring constantly, mix until all of the sugar is dissolved (or very little crystals are left). Fill your sterilized jars to 1/2 inch from top of the jar (this allows for expansion in freezer). Cover the jars and allow to setup for 24 hours. Refrigerate for up to 3 weeks or freeze for up to 1 year. Slather on anything and everything you can think of….



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