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Sunflower Sprout Salad Wraps (raw-vegan)

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Sunflowers have always reminded me of spring and summer. I think that they are beautiful and the range of textures and colors excite me. The other thing that I like is that they are a food producing plant too, not just another pretty face. Most of us only know of sunflower seeds as snacks. Sunflowers also produce sunflower seed oil, edible sprouts from their seeds and some even use the petals in salads and as a natural food coloring and flavoring; AMAZING! Who would have thought that a flowering plant could have so many other uses besides brightening up our homes in a vase? Now that spring is here, I am starting to see more varieties of sprouts being offered at the market. Sprouts contain tons of protein, vitamins, have a high water content and are packed full of flavor. The other day I found some sunflower sprouts (or sometimes called “sunflower greens”) that looked really tasty, so I bought them. The adventure didn’t end there, nope, now what to do with these guys besides just throwing them on top of a salad? This sparked a little creativity and I made them into SUNFLOWER SPROUT SALAD WRAPS. Instead of doing a stacked salad, I decided to deconstruct the salad and make it into a wrap [a favorite way to eat my green]. This easy and quick recipe is great for lunch on the go, brunch or anytime you need a quick snack. So celebrate the beloved sunflower and all of her uses with this recipe. HAPPY SPRING!


2 large ripe organic Meyer lemons (yes, they need to be Meyer lemons for the best flavor) you will need 1/2 cup of juice so adjust accordingly

1/4 tsp of fresh ground pink salt

2 TBSP cold pressed unrefined organic sunflower seed oil

1 medium organic cucumber, do NOT peel

4 medium organic green onions

1 1/2 cups fresh organic sunflower sprouts

2 large ripe organic avocados

16 medium organic BABY bok choy leaves

3 tsp raw organic shelled sunflower seeds, unsalted

Zest the lemons into a small bowl, now juice the lemons into this bowl. Add the pink salt and whisk to incorporate well. Now while quickly whisking, slowly add the oil and whisk well, this is your dressing. Cut the ends off the cucumber and slice in half lengthwise. Now cut eat spear into even thirds, and then continue to cut into matchsticks (about 1/4 inch thick), set aside. Cut the ends off the green onion bulbs- white part- and cut any wilting parts off the leaves. Now thin strip both the bulb and the leaves and trim these the same length as your cucumber sticks, set aside. Wash and spin dry the sunflower sprouts and set aside. Cut the avocado lengthwise through the middle and remove the pit. Gently remove the peel and place the halves pit hole down on a flat surface facing vertical. Cut in half from the top to the bottom. Now cut from center to the left into even thirds. Repeat these cuts on the right side. Take the 4 center pieces and dip each well in the dressing and place on a clean plate. Eat or save end pieces for another time; I prefer to eat them:) Now repeat with the other avocado halves. Remove the white stem from the bok choy leaves with a knife cutting to where the dark green starts. Lay the leaves inside facing up on a flat surface vertical.  On each leaf evenly distribute lay horizontal:  1 avocado slice in the center, stack cucumber sticks over the avocado, green onion strips and sunflower seeds. Now evenly distribute the sprouts but lay half of them with the leaves facing out the left side and half of them facing out the right (see pic above for an example of the finished look). Roll tightly and secure with a round wooden tooth pick. Serve with the remaining dressing and ENJOY!

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