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Sesame Honey Almonds (raw paleo)

SESAME HONEY ALMONDS (raw paleo) Well it is a NEW YEAR to start working on a NEW YOU! How many times have we heard this statement? How many times have we adopted that way of thinking? Well it is a new year and I think it is time for some new recipes. If you are […]

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Herb Rolled Three Nut Cheese (raw-vegan)

HERB ROLLED THREE NUT CHEESE (raw-vegan) Nut cheese is a definite staple in my refrigerator since I do not eat dairy cheese anymore. I have a couple of recipes for nut cheese that I like but this recipe is just what I am looking for when I want a crumble texture. One of the recipes […]

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Raw Almond Milk (raw-vegan)

RAW ALMOND MILK (raw-vegan) Over two years ago I “broke up” with drinking or using cows milk. Instead I have tried many other milks including soy, coconut, hemp, almond and rice milk. I would have to say that ALMOND milk is my favorite for cooking and coconut milk is my favorite for drinking. Since I […]

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Clementine Cranberry Macaroons(raw-vegan)

CLEMENTINE CRANBERRY MACAROONS (raw-vegan) These tasty treats are different than your standard macaroons. Yes, they are sweet, contain almonds and coconut but with a healthy twist. These are gluten free (no wheat), vegan(no animal products), raw (dehydrated not baked) and are actually good for you (so guilt free). I always make them this time of […]

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