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Fairytale Spinach Salad

FAIRYTALE SPINACH SALAD – A salad recipe? Yes, I know that it is in the middle of winter and you crave hot food: but we all need our greens year-round to stay healthy. I believe that SALAD is the perfect opportunity to create a big huge bowl of “healthy”! Some people think that because it […]

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Escargots sauvages de Bourgogne

ESCARGOTS SAUVAGES DE BOURGOGNE – Escargot is not a standard fare served at many meals here in the states. In fact, when most people think of escargot, unfortunately they have visions of the garden pest that eats their gardens or the cute pet that their kids have. When I think of escargot, I think of the french […]

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Garlic Lovers Grilled Shrimp Cocktail

GARLIC LOVERS GRILLED SHRIMP COCKTAIL – Shrimp…. who doesn’t love shrimp? Okay– my mother does not because she doesn’t eat seafood AT ALL! I always wonder how we are related because I LOVE all seafood… (HI mom, just kidding—I love you). To me, shrimp is the go to seafood. Since I am not on a […]

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Mixed Seafood Ceviche Bites

MIXED SEAFOOD CEVICHE BITES – So one of my favorite seafood dishes is the all creative CEVICHE. In my many years as a Chef, I have seen multiple ceviche recipes that span the globe, using different ingredient combinations. Ceviche, by definition, is typically made from fresh raw fish or seafood that is cured in citrus juice and […]

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