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Sprouted Chickpea Hummus (raw-vegan)

SPROUTED CHICKPEA HUMMUS (raw-vegan) Hummus is a very versatile dish that can be enjoyed by all including raw foodies. This spicy RAW version of classic hummus is full of nutrients, protein, and lots of flavor while being within the guidelines of RAW FOOD. It uses raw sprouted chickpeas, vegetables, spices and cold pressed olive oil. […]

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Sprouting Chickpeas (garbanzo) (raw-vegan)

  SPROUTING CHICKPEAS (GARBANZO) RAW When trying to incorporate RAW FOOD RECIPES into your diet, do not miss out on your favorite beans. Most all beans can be sprouted so that they are edible and still adhere to the basic principles of raw foodism (by not cooking them above 116 degrees). Choose organic dried chickpeas […]

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