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Banana Bon Bons (raw vegan paleo)

BANANA BON BONS (raw vegan paleo) Raise your hand if you remember BON BONS? Yes, the little chunks of ice cream covered in chocolate that you just popped in your mouth. There was just something about them that made you feel like royalty when you indulged in them. In fact most of us think that […]

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Chocolate Smothered Coconut Ice Cream

CHOCOLATE SMOTHERED COCONUT ICE CREAM (raw paleo) Well “CHOCOLATE SMOTHERED COCONUT ICE CREAM” pretty much says it…. well almost. When I was making this recipe I was trying to come up with a name for it. I kinda look at it as the same as trying to name a white cat (what does one name […]

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Rustic Lovers Cordial Goji Fudge (raw-vegan)

RUSTIC LOVERS CORDIAL GOJI FUDGE (raw-vegan) Well, not all chocolate is created equal. Even though I should indulge, I just can’t get my self to dive in with both feet first. So on that note, I took an old time classic, the CORDIAL and gave it a healthy twist. In fact it could be considered […]

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Chocolate Covered Strawberry Smoothie (raw-vegan)

CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRY SMOOTHIE With Valentines Day approaching us fast, most people dream of chocolate, candy and flowers for their sweetie. Unfortunately, all that chocolate and candy can pack on the unwanted pounds and put a damper on our healthy eating. I love strawberries! I sometimes even like the occasional chocolate dipped one; BUT I […]

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