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Rustic Lovers Cordial Goji Fudge (raw-vegan)

RUSTIC LOVERS CORDIAL GOJI FUDGE (raw-vegan) Well, not all chocolate is created equal. Even though I should indulge, I just can’t get my self to dive in with both feet first. So on that note, I took an old time classic, the CORDIAL and gave it a healthy twist. In fact it could be considered […]

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Fruity Caterpillar Roll (raw-vegan)

FRUITY CATERPILLAR ROLL (raw-vegan) Sushi can be one of those things that we can let our creativity flow with. The word “SUSHI” should be looked at as an opportunity to incorporate many different ingredients and an artful ways of displaying them. This FRUITY CATERPILLAR ROLL is a delicious roll that contains only fruit, no rice […]

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