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Paleo Goose Miso Soup (paleo)

PALEO GOOSE MISO SOUP (PALEO) – When comes to stock or broth, the grand-daddy of them all is CONSOMMÉ! Yes consommé is technically a type of clear soup that is made from a clarified richly flavor stock or bouillon. The process is done by using a variety of “CLARIFIERS” to remove the impurities, fat and sediment […]

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Goose Potsticker PHO

GOOSE POTSTICKER PHO – As a “foodie” and a chef, I am always trying to not only create new and exciting dishes: I also want to experiment with unique ingredients. I also try to expand my cooking experiences with trying new styles of cooking. The one dish I have always wanted to try to make is […]

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Toulouse Inspired Goose Sausage (paleo)

TOULOUSE INSPIRED GOOSE SAUSAGE (PALEO) – As a chef, nothing is more satisfying than making traditional style dishes. Being that I am french, Toulouse sausage has always been on my list of things that I have wanted to make. This dream has now been fulfilled. Toulouse sausage or “Saucisse de Toulouse” as it is called […]

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Goose Schmaltz Cherry Pie Ravioli

GOOSE SCHMALTZ CHERRY PIE RAVIOLI – Goose Schmaltz? This might be the first time that most of you have even heard of this product. It is a fancy way to say rendered/ clarified goose fat. This natural fat has a high smoke point, is great for frying, baking or sautéing. Some call it the “mother […]

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