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Stuffed Lamb Burger Sliders

STUFFED LAMB BURGER SLIDERS – Raise your hand if you like sliders? Raise again if you like lamb? Well you are in luck because this next recipe is STUFFED LAMB BURGER SLIDERS…Sliders are just in line with what we all like in appetizers, okay a little bigger but close. And to top it off, lamb— […]

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Seared Lamb Lollipops

SEARED LAMB LOLLIPOPS Recently I did a tour of an organic farm that raises sheep, among other livestock, and they have orchards of walnuts and almonds.  As part of my tour, I received a beautiful full rack of lamb and 6 lamb chops along with a dozen free range organic eggs. The lambs that they […]

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Grilled Lamb

GRILLED LAMB Who says Lamb has to be hard to cook? This simple recipe will be the hit of your dinner party! SERVES 6 3 to 4 pounds grass fed organic lamb boneless shoulder or leg (you pick), remove excess fat and silver skin with a boning knife, cut into quarters- large pieces (about 1 […]

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