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Creamy Mushroom Pesto (raw-vegan)

CREAMY MUSHROOM PESTO (raw-vegan) Pesto is another one of those dishes that we can all let our creativity out with. Most people think of PESTO as a sauce that is made of basil, olive oil, garlic and pine nuts- it can be raw or cooked -but mainly cooked. I like to think of pesto as […]

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Pesto Sweet Potato Vermicelli (raw-vegan)

PESTO SWEET POTATO VERMICELLI (raw-vegan) On my quest to turn traditional dishes into new and improved RAW and VEGAN dishes, I have been stumped on pasta. It seems that everyone has a version of  raw “zucchini” pasta…. OK. Zucchini is great but what about the other veggies that can be turned into raw pasta?? This […]

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Simply Creamy Pesto Sauce (raw-vegan)

SIMPLY CREAMY PESTO SAUCE (raw-vegan) My Simply Creamy Pesto Sauce is RAW and VEGAN… YEP, it really is! I use it on warm zucchini ribbons when I want a fully RAW meal or toss organic udon noodles with it for a healthy vegan meal (as shown above). Use this recipe anywhere that calls for pesto […]

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Pesto Roasted Chicken

PESTO ROASTED CHICKEN      Autumn is my favorite time of the year because of all of the beautiful colors and hearty food that we tend to cook when when weather starts to get chilly. As the temperature starts to drop, I like to heat it up in the kitchen. This is the time of year […]

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Roasted Chicken Stock/Soup

ROASTED CHICKEN STOCK AND SOUP ROASTED CHICKEN STOCK– makes about 10 cups stock 1 whole PESTO ROASTED CHICKEN bones and skin, cooked, meat removed, shredded and reserve in refrigerator  (see recipe PESTO ROASTED CHICKEN here) 3 cups vegetable trimmings (reserved vegetable trimmings from roasted chicken recipe PLUS 1 whole large organic yellow onion, 6 whole […]

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