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Garlic Lovers Grilled Shrimp Cocktail

GARLIC LOVERS GRILLED SHRIMP COCKTAIL – Shrimp…. who doesn’t love shrimp? Okay– my mother does not because she doesn’t eat seafood AT ALL! I always wonder how we are related because I LOVE all seafood… (HI mom, just kidding—I love you). To me, shrimp is the go to seafood. Since I am not on a […]

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Mixed Seafood Ceviche Bites

MIXED SEAFOOD CEVICHE BITES – So one of my favorite seafood dishes is the all creative CEVICHE. In my many years as a Chef, I have seen multiple ceviche recipes that span the globe, using different ingredient combinations. Ceviche, by definition, is typically made from fresh raw fish or seafood that is cured in citrus juice and […]

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Million Dollar Tostadas

  MILLION DOLLAR TOSTADAS – As I go through life, I have noticed that anything that is called “MILLION DOLLAR…” I assume, is of the highest quality that I can get. Since I am a Chef, every now and then I dream of the ingredients that I would have to make a “million dollar” meal. The first […]

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Grilled Garlic Scorpion Shrimp (primal)

GRILLED GARLIC SCORPION SHRIMP (primal) OK, if you have been following me you know that I love the VEGGIES… but who doesn’t love a great meal with SEAFOOD in it?? Once a year, normally New Years Day, I like to indulge in the meaty side of life, and my first choice is shrimp. I am […]

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