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Garlic Lovers Grilled Shrimp Cocktail

GARLIC LOVERS GRILLED SHRIMP COCKTAIL – Shrimp…. who doesn’t love shrimp? Okay– my mother does not because she doesn’t eat seafood AT ALL! I always wonder how we are related because I LOVE all seafood… (HI mom, just kidding—I love you). To me, shrimp is the go to seafood. Since I am not on a […]

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Mixed Seafood Ceviche Bites

MIXED SEAFOOD CEVICHE BITES – So one of my favorite seafood dishes is the all creative CEVICHE. In my many¬†years as a Chef, I have seen multiple ceviche¬†recipes that span the globe, using different ingredient combinations. Ceviche, by definition, is typically made from fresh raw fish or seafood that is cured in citrus juice and […]

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Grilled Garlic Scorpion Shrimp (primal)

GRILLED GARLIC SCORPION SHRIMP (primal) OK, if you have been following me you know that I love the VEGGIES… but who doesn’t love a great meal with SEAFOOD in it?? Once a year, normally New Years Day, I like to indulge in the meaty side of life, and my first choice is shrimp. I am […]

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