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Pesto Sweet Potato Vermicelli (raw-vegan)

PESTO SWEET POTATO VERMICELLI (raw-vegan) On my quest to turn traditional dishes into new and improved RAW and VEGAN dishes, I have been stumped on pasta. It seems that everyone has a version of  raw “zucchini” pasta…. OK. Zucchini is great but what about the other veggies that can be turned into raw pasta?? This […]

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Sweet Potato Pancakes (vegan)

SWEET POTATO PANCAKE (vegan) Step away from using white potatoes and check out these SWEET POTATO PANCAKES. They are full of healthy vitamins and good fats while being VEGAN…. Yep, and they are SUPER TASTY! MAKES 6 LARGE PANCAKES 4 cups fresh organic sweet potatoes, un-peeled and shredded on a cheese grater 2 cups water […]

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