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Escargots sauvages de Bourgogne

ESCARGOTS¬†SAUVAGES DE¬†BOURGOGNE – Escargot is not a standard fare served at many meals here in the states. In fact, when most people think of escargot, unfortunately they have visions of the garden pest that eats their gardens or the cute pet that their kids have. When I think of escargot, I think of the french […]

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Pink Oyster Mushroom Rolls (raw-vegan-paleo)

PINK OYSTER MUSHROOM ROLLS (raw-vegan-paleo) As noted in my previous posts about SUSHI, I believe that sushi can be an opportunity for everyone to get creative. Yes- most people believe that sushi consists of raw fish and rice…nope- I beg to differ! Sushi should be looked at as “cut up ingredients all wrapped up in […]

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