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Tropical Gogi Smoothie (raw-vegan)

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Ah the TROPICS, the dreams I have of you when the temperature outside is -5 at night and only gets up to 35 with the sun shining…. Sound familiar?? The days are getting a little longer but ol’ man winter is still here. With these temperatures we are having, I dream of my WARM Hawaiian vacations in years past. So on that note, I bought a pineapple, some bananas and goji berries to whisk away my thoughts to a much warmer place. This smoothie tastes like a true vacation while keeping up with my quest for a bikini body. It is made with all organic raw vegan ingredients and has no added sugar or salt to it. I hope your taste buds and mind enjoy the vacation to paradise! ALOHA!

Serves 1

3/4 cup raw organic fresh goji berries (I can only get sun dried and just soak them in water for 2 hours, measure after soaked)

1 cup fresh ripe organic small pineapple chunks

1 cup water

1 medium ripe organic banana, quarter

1 large organic ruby red pink grapefruit, peel and break into lobes, remove any seeds and save the peel for another recipe

In your blender, blend the goji berries, pineapple chunks and water on high for 1 minute. Now add the banana pieces and grapefruit lobes, blend on high for 2 minutes until smooth and thick. Pour in your serving glass and enjoy! NOTE: this is thick shake like smoothie, which you know that’s how I like it. If you prefer a thinner smoothie, add small amounts of water AFTER the ingredients are smooth and continue to blend until desired consistency is achieved.

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