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Veggie Pinwheels (vegan)

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Pinwheels are a great way to load up on your veggies and can be used as a snack, appetizer, or as a meal. You can pretty much put anything inside a pinwheel, just try to make sure it is not too juicy or fine cut. If you choose things like olive tapenade, just mix it in mashed avocado or cashew cheese, so it doesn’t fall out of the pinwheel.  This recipe is for my favorite combination but feel free to create your own….

Makes 8 pinwheels (multiply accordingly)

1 organic sprouted wheat full size tortilla

1/4 cup raw CASHEW CHEESE (click here for recipe)

1 TBSP fresh organic basil, fine chopped

1 tsp. fresh organic garlic fine chopped

1 ripe small organic avocado

3 thin center whole slices of organic red pepper

8 thin slices of organic cucumber

2 fresh organic green onions, shredded lengthwise

1/2 cup organic pea pod sprouts, wash and spin dry

Slightly warm your tortilla in a dry pan on medium heat to make it pliable. Mix your cashew cheese with the chopped basil and garlic, spread this evenly on the tortilla to all the edges. In a small bowl mash the avocado with a fork and spread in the center half of your tortilla from the top to the bottom. NOTE: this is now the direction you will be place all the rest of your ingredients. On the left side of the avocado distribute the red pepper slices. On the right side of the avocado, place the cucumber slices. In the center place your shredded green onion. Now spread evenly the sprouts all over. Turn the whole dressed tortilla 1/4 turn. Starting from the bottom start to tightly roll the tortilla on itself to make a tube (as shown above in pic). With a sharp clean knife, slowly cut into 8 rounds (as shown above). For best results, wipe the knife clean before each cut. Arrange according to service and enjoy. These can be made the day before, just don’t cut until you are about to serve and be sure to tightly wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate.


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